Mini Meyer Lemon Flavored Biscotti

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Tiered serving tray with glasses of iced tea, surrounded by lemons, flowers, and a plate of Trader Joe's Mini Meyer Lemon Flavored Biscotti

While we’re all for enjoying a good chocolate chip cookie when the mood strikes, there’s something about warm summer weather that has our taste buds in search of bold, bright flavors in our treats. Attempting to sate those tangy-sweet summer cravings with a favored cookie format, our Buyer worked with one of our longtime partners to create a cookie capable of answering summer’s tangy-sweet siren call: Trader Joe’s Mini Meyer Lemon Flavored Biscotti.

Our supplier uses real butter and eggs to form the base of these Mini Biscotti. They’re crunchy and dunkable, thanks to the traditional twice-baked process behind every batch, but break from tradition with the addition of bright, natural Meyer Lemon flavor.

The citrusy-sweet flavor and zesty aroma permeate the dough; once cooled, they’re topped with even more lemony goodness in the form of Meyer Lemon flavored icing. (Our tasting panel was only too happy to taste, taste, and taste some more, until the optimum Meyer Lemon-y-ness was reached in each bite. No stone went unturned in search of this golden biscotti-to-citrus-flavor ratio—after all, the panelists take their jobs seriously.)

While these Mini Meyer Lemon Biscotti can be nibbled and savored solo, they’re fantastic with a cup of iced sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon. Their elegant icing and adorable mini-size make them an eye-catching addition to a tower of tea cookies, or just a welcome change of pace to your daily desk lunch dessert.

We’re offering kosher-certified, eight-ounce tubs of Trader Joe’s Mini Meyer Lemon Flavored Biscotti for $3.99, only for a limited time.

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