Organic Cold Pressed Green Juice Beverage

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Melting pineapple smoothie in glass jar, made with Trader Joe's Organic Cold Pressed Green Juice Beverage

As a wise sage once said, “it’s not easy being green.” But nor, may we add, is it always easy to get your greens, especially when you’re on the go or in a hurry.

As vital as verdant veggies like kale and spinach are to a healthy diet, they can be easy to overlook in your day-to-day eating. That’s why we recommend getting them in your day-to-day hydrating, in the form of Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Pressed Green Juice Beverage—a delicious and refreshing blend of leafy greens, veggies, and zesty citrus fruit.

As brilliantly green as it is brilliantly concocted, each serving (about eight fluid ounces) of this Green Juice Beverage contains the following: one cucumber, two stalks of celery, a quarter of a grapefruit, a quarter of a head of lettuce, one kale leaf, four spinach leaves, six sprigs of parsley, a teaspoon of mint tea, and a bit of lemon. In other words, there’s close an entire garden’s worth of veggies, cold pressed and ready to drink inside each bottle – and an organic garden, at that! Each sip delivers not just a boost of revitalizing and nutrient-rich veggies, but a lively mélange of flavors, too: cool notes of cucumber, a bright and bracing hint of celery, refreshing citrus, and an invigorating taste of mint, right on the finish.

With Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Pressed Green Juice Beverage, not only is it easier to get your greens, it’s easy to not spend too much green, either: we’re selling each 32-ounce bottle for $5.99, an evergreen value in the often pricey world of cold pressed juice. You’ll find them in our refrigerated case, with our other chilled beverages.

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